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Gareth form UK

My name is Gareth and this is my wife Annie and I am in the last week of a six week course of treatment. I live in the UK and am 73 years of age. I worked for IBM most of my career and joined them in the mid 1960s. I was based mainly in London with periods in New York City and Paris. After retirement, my wife and I spent some years on our boat. Cruising the Mediterranean, crossing the Atlantic via the Caribbean to the US and Canadian east coast. We traversed via the Great Lakes to the Pacific N West and sailed to Alaska. We returned to the UK in 2009 largely because my BPH was causing greater and greater concern and needed to be addressed. I want to stress I am not a doctor and the following is solely my impressions from my experience here.

Forgive me if I refer to my notes over the next few minutes.

Medical history in the UK:

In retrospect my BPH started in the 1990’s and an acute attack of bacterial prostatitis stopping all urination occurred 1997 whilst we were 2 days from land in the Atlantic on a small boat.

Very scary, but fortunately we had some antibiotics on board which dealt with this attack. Unfortunately the BPH continued to make urination more and more difficult. In 2011, I was in the UK and advised to undergo TURPs surgery. This gave some temporary relief but the problems recurred with a vengeance in 2013/2014. Another bad flare up showed E. coli in my urine and as my brother had developed prostate cancer. I elected to have a biopsy. Fortunately this showed I was clear of cancer but needed a second TURPs to clear the scar tissue in Urethra. This was done in Jan. 2015 but after a short respite the problem of frequent urination, disturbed sleep and a strong burning feeling returned. My urine showed me clear of infection. The UK doctors declared I had non-bacterial prostatitis for which Ibuprofen was the only treatment. I should add that over several years some six oral antibiotics were prescribed without long-term success.

I could not accept I was going to spend the rest of my life being tortured by the burning and lack of sleep now only about 3 or 4 hours a night. I therefore set about researching the subject. If you are watching this video, then you will recognize the events but more importantly you have learnt from the 3D website that there is some hope. I came to the conclusion that the rapid decline in my situation started with the first TURPs, op, and accelerated following the second TURPs op.

I was also convinced that an infection or virus together with BPH was the root cause and the surgery exposed my prostate and bladder to re-infection.

Desperation drove me to the only treatment that I could find and believe in at the 3D Clinic. Having talked to four previous patients in the US, Asia and Africa, I was convinced their claims were genuine, and came to the Xiangtan clinic in mid-October, 2015, where we now are.

3D Process_-- Determination, Direct, Discharge

I would now like to cover the treatment, I received and what I learnt over the time under Dr. Song and Dr. Ivan. The first step in the 3D process is Determination- that is to identify and determine the causative pathogens. If they have not found it back home the sampling and pathology may be at fault, there is generally a bacterial, a causative agent! I like to call this the Detective stage.

The morning of day 1, we visited one of the main Changsha hospitals for Ultrasound scan and full blood tests and virus scan. In the afternoon, we went the 30 miles south to the Xiangtan clinic and hotel.

The first hour with Dr. Song and Dr. Ivan covered my whole medical history from birth, next was a prostate massage to obtain fluids and scan for infections which is done on site in their own pathologic lab. Dr. Song was able to show me within 15 minutes the pathogens under the microscope which were then cultured for two days and showed E Coli and Staphylococcus. The results of the blood test, virus scan and ultrasound were then explained to me. The UK urine sampling technique is often ineffective. It needs to be done after prostate massage and pee, immediately into the Petrie dish for microscopic examination without delay.

On day 1, I learnt more about my condition than from the previous 15 years in the UK, US and Canada. Firstly my prostate showed infection was present together with calcification. Secondly, as shown on the Ultrasound as shown on the Ultrasound, the TURPs operations had not only blocked the ejaculatory duct but also the natural paths from the prostate into the urethra. Any ejaculation is into bladder. Thirdly, a cyst 35mm long on a teste which no one had spotted in the UK. The TURPs operations has made the treatment far more difficult due to the scar tissue in the urethra and bladder neck. My advice to anyone is to have a stent not a TURPs but if you, like me, have had a TURPs a cure is possible but more protracted. Either way come here to the clinic for treatment coming earlier, it is much simpler to fix. In my judgment, a Turps is a temporary fix unless the BPH is stopped the urethra will again be constricted over time.

The cultured sample later showed the pathogens to be E. coli and staphylococcus and virus scan showed a number of so called “pending” virus which could also be a problem now or in the future.

The second step is the direct injection into the prostate of antibiotics chosen after tests on the cultured pathogens. In my case, a later physical examination showed that there was a painful location at the bladder exit neck caused by an ulcer. This ulcer was on the site of the second TURPs and made vulnerable to infection by the surgery.

The prostate treatment was quite straightforward. Two injections each day via the perineum into the prostate lobes of an antibiotic and unblocking mixture. The proportions were changed over time-initially mainly antibiotic and later mainly unblocking.

The bladder ulcer was also treated by direct injections of antibiotics into the ulcer site and within days the burning pain I had been experiencing faded as the ulcer healed. I am now pain free.

It is worth noting that the conventional treatment is radical surgery and a re-section of the bladder, a major operation. Direct injection is not an option as very few people in the world have the necessary skill and experience to do it, 3D does.

In the opinion of Dr. Song, it is inadvisable to use other routes for the injections. The perineum is just flesh with no major organs or arteries and easily heals, thus allowing the daily injections over the 42 days for complex cases like mine.

As I am speaking the ulcer is healing nicely as shown in microscopic examination of epithelia in the urine and the mucus membrane in the bladder is repairing itself and the prostate is unblocking. I have another week and this should complete the unblocking. The ulcer will take more time aided by some oral medications.

In addition to the injections my wife and I took the 15 day course of antivirus, IV treatment to remove and minimize, any potentially harmful virus and to improve my blood circulation and boost my immune system.

BPH is eliminated long term by injections to shrink the prostate and cut off the nutrients feeding BPH, the longer term reason for uncontrolled cell multiplication and potentially cancer.

This leads me into the third D of 3D, Discharge of calcification. This will be completed towards the end of our treatment but is essential in order to remove any hiding place for existing or new pathogens. It opens up the natural drainage of the prostate which becomes soft again.

In many cases the calcification can be seen in the nightly urine samples, we bring to the clinic each day. I suggest you keep a nightly written log of the times and volume of your urination and any symptoms for discussion with the doctors.


I believe my decision to come to China and the 3D clinic was probably the smartest thing I ever did together with marrying my wife, Annie who has been a major support through a trying few years.

I also believe there should be a fourth D added to their title here. That is Dedication. The team, Dr. Song, Dr. Ivan, and their assistants, Jenny and Alisa are committed to one thing, that is the patients total well being.

Doctor Song and his team work and see us patients 7 days a week and wherever the patients condition leads will follow it to the goal, a long term cure. Dr. Song’s other passion is his research which is now focusing on the cause and progression of prostate cancer.

It is notable that not one of his many hundreds of patients who have gone through the whole process has gone onto develop cancer as a result of a rejuvenated prostate. A number of patients with existing cancer have also greatly benefitted by the cancer being effectively halted and shrunk. The team here is not driven by fame or fortune but our well-being. You will not regret your decision to come here. Nothing to us is more important than our long term health and a good quality of life.

I know many of you will debate whether to be accompanied by their partner, so I will ask Annie to relate her impressions from our stay her.

Annie introduce about self:

I wanted to be here to support Gareth. Come along as well, the clinic, and the Chinese culture is a delight. Also your partner can have a test to eliminate any future cross contamination. I have enjoyed the whole experience, and will be sad to leave.

If you have watched this for you are clearly serious about treating your complaint.

I wish you good fortune with your own battles and are confident you will never regret your decision to come here.

Video Link:



 Ron Bazar form Canada

Dear Fellow Prostate Friend,

I am writing to you on my last day at the 3D Prostate Clinic in Xiangtan China following the very successful treatment of my extremely enlarged prostate.

In fact my prostate was the largest by a huge margin of any that the clinic has treated, a staggering 240 grams which was 12 times normal size! For me this has been a miracle, a cure that I have dreamed about and searched for 15 years.

My story began 15 years ago when I woke to pee but couldn’t. I was completely blocked and needed an emergency catheterization by my local doctor. I was scheduled for emergency surgery but chose not to do it because of the risks of unacceptable side effects. I made it a quest to find a natural solution to my enlarged prostate.

I found some useful insights, many not so helpful, and found ways that helped me with my condition, even believing I had turned the corner through major diet changes. This helped me a lot and I wrote about it in my first book and website, and then expanded on that with the other books.

But in the end I realized I was just coping better than before but still had symptoms of frequency and occasional blockage when I ate something that triggered a prostate attack.

In 2015 I went to Portugal for a non-invasive high tech procedure called Prostate Artery Embolization. It helped a tiny bit but not enough to make the difference I still wanted.

In early 2016, I found out about the 3D Prostate Clinic from one of my subscribers. I then researched the info on the site and had correspondence with the clinic and emails to other patients. I knew right away that this was the clinic and approach I had dreamed about… someone who actually described the causes of my condition and a breakthrough non-invasive way to treat it with precision targeted medicines, and had a very high success rate.

I first came to China in late February 2016 and stayed for 6 weeks. Because of my extreme prostate size, a second visit was needed and I arrived here 4 weeks ago for the next round. The result… an actual cure, a real shrinking of my prostate size from 240 grams to somewhere around 80 grams now to further shrinkage to occur in the next 6 months of recovery time!

At long last the hyper-frequency, the extreme urgency, the occasional blockage, the hypersensitivity to the wrong food — all gone already.

I am a new man with a new lease on life!

So dear reader, I write to you from my heart because I know what it is like to suffer so much quietly and helplessly. If you are reading this then very likely you are a bit of an exception to the rule of just following what your urologist wants you to do.

That road was not for me. My path led to here and I am so grateful.

This way is not for everyone as there are hurdles of expense, time and travel that will challenge many of you. But for those that can, then I am here to share my story and results. You will find attached at the end of this testimonial my complete medical report from the clinic that I certify is true.

I want men to be able to find this site and the info about the clinic. Because of the gap between China and the west, I asked Dr. Song if I could become the clinic’s Ambassador-at-Large to share my story here on the 3D website, on my website and on my newsletters and soon a book about my experience here. And now I will have to update all my existing books with this amazing 3D Prostate Cure!

I will be brief because I will let my medical report speak for itself.

But I will ask you this question.

Why has your doctor or urologist never looked at your prostate fluid to see what pathogens were there? Don’t you think that this should be the most basic and preliminary test? But none was ever done for me, and I have never heard of any doctor doing this. That astounds me! I could almost say it is negligence. Because by so doing, the answer is clear: you can see why you have the prostate problem you suffer from.

This was a huge breakthrough of simple common sense that Dr. Song discovered almost three decades ago. And that led to his breakthrough treatment protocols.

Before and after summary:

Before                                             After

PSA 19.39ng/ml                              1.75ng/ml
(with its Standard Reference Value below <4ng/ml).

Blood testosterone 7.36nmo/L        15.8nmo/L
(with its Standard Reference Range between 14 and 25.5nmo/L)

But a couple of pictures are worth thousands of words!


      Before treatment: not a happy prostate!


Bacteria: Staphylococcus Aureus and Streptococcus.  


After: cleared up showing healthy lecithin.

What to expect in China: Treatment Info

Let me explain how your day-to-day treatment takes place.

Each day you will be given a time to show up at the clinic. You will be asked all about your past 24 hours: how you slept, how frequently you peed, how urgent, how was the flow, bowel movement, pain, discharges, eating, questions.

The answers allow the doctors to tailor-make your daily injections to your exact condition and progress. You will get 2 of them each day on opposite sides of the prostate delivered adjacent to the anus through your perineum. The procedure only takes a couple of minutes. There is some discomfort and minor pain for a few moments. But many men have done this and so can you, a minor thing for a cure.

The clinics are meticulously cleaned every day. The injections are all disposable needles, the medicines all pharmaceutical grade. The medical skill and knowledge are profound.

You will most likely need to go to the local hospital with the translator for medical tests like MRI or ultrasound as needed, plus blood-work testing including the world’s most advanced for over 20 different viruses. Costs are very inexpensive.

You may need anti-viral medicine transfusions to help your system rid itself of viruses that are in your body and prostate. This happens in the clinic for a 2-week period. It is safe and easy. Ask the clinic for the price.

About China

My advice is to ignore the very exaggerated excesses of western media about this amazing country. The people are friendly; mostly you are a bit of a curiosity in this city where there are almost no foreigners and no English. The food is very abundant, fresh and safe to eat as is the water to drink in the teas they serve. I never once had any indigestion problem here. And I am hyper-sensitive as I explained earlier.

The streets are safe, no crime, no porn, police carry no weapons, just a whistle. I have walked alone at night on side streets, deserted parks, under street walkways with no graffiti anywhere. I feel safer than any city back home. I leave my computer and passport in my room. I never once worried about pickpocketing with my wallet in my back pocket easily visible.

The air can be smoggy sometimes but nothing like the big coastal or industrial cities. Often it can be overcast. I wore a mask a few times on my first visit but not the second time. It is not a big deal.

One thing that does bother me is the prevalence of smoking here in China. The non-smoking laws in public places are not enforced. I have on occasion asked nearby smokers in restaurants to butt-out with a friendly smile and always granted.

If you have any questions, you can get my contact information from the clinic.

Oh, I should tell you there is no tipping in China. That sure makes life easier!

The weather can range quite a bit from cold to hot during your stay unless summer time, so bring appropriate stuff.

I really like the MGM hotel for its location. I ask for a non-smoking room. The breakfast buffet always has lots of fresh fruits, and many dishes for you to pick and choose. It is a 45 minute walk straight to the clinic going one way, and a 10 minute walk to a huge mall full of restaurants the other way. I make walking a part of my day for its benefits to the treatment and overall exercise pluses.

The clinic can give you a restaurant dish request translation sheet that can help you. There are several western chains here with much better food choices than at home, customized for China (downstairs from the clinic is one).

One of my favorite places to eat is a buffet style all you can eat for about $7 that comes around on a conveyor for you to pick and choose and heat up in your pot… maybe a hundred or more items to choose. Avoid the noodles so you have lots of room for all the other dishes! You can easily get by on $20-$25 per day, especially since breakfast can be quite big and is part of the hotel rate.

Oh, just to add… I have spoken to other patients here of course about their treatments and I can assure you that their testimonials are valid and from them alone.

The clinics have a highly successful cure rate despite treating mostly very complex cases with men who have tried many other ways unsuccessfully. To achieve this is a testament to the skill, knowledge and dedication that you will find here.

By the way, one thing I liked was that you don't pay in advance, so if at the start you decide it is not for you, your risk is just the travel costs, etc.

But I have seen patients come there for a simple consultation and decided right away after diagnosis to start treatment.

All my best to you on your healing path,

Ron Bazar

ps. If you want any of my books, I will send them to you no charge.

ps. You can also watch my video:



Jaime Alexis Arroyo Bornstein M.D From Mexico City

It took some interesting research to find a doctor or clinic that shared the same view I had about prostate illness. Every aproach lead to the same type of treatments: debilitating oral medication mainly alfa blockers or testosterone production inhibitors, with all their secondary side effects or the numerous surgical methods that mutilate the gland.

I happen to be a medical doctor, 78 years of age, suffering from benign prostate hypertrophy with its gradual lack of quality of life due to the classical symptoms described by any urologist or legitimate information source posted by hosptals, clinics or private physicians.

Having being trained in microbiology before attaining my medical degree and becoming a trained clinical and histopathologist I had always been convinced that prostate pathology had a dynamic process, usually lasting a great number of years in chronic cases, starting with infections and ending in cancer, were benign prostatic hyperplasia is just a stage in this prolonged development, so that calcifications, stones, urate crystals and other elements are originated and embeded deeply in the prostate gland, that makes the vast majority of treatments available turn into paliatives that aleviate symptoms but do not cure, including surgery, except the radical removal of the prostate, that is not appealing at all.

Then I stumbled with 3D Prostatitis Clinic run by Dr. Song Xinping that rendered very similar concepts about prostate pathology and their treatment procedure. So I decided to travel to the city of Xiangtan, China, were I stayed for a month.

The arrangements are quite simple and the clinic staff is very efficient in setting up any hotel one choses to stay in and all transfers from the airport, to hospital were several test are performed and the clinic itself to begin the treatment.

Fortunately I refused to have any treatment in my country, Mexico or any other were doctors use the same crypling methods, so that my case was not complicated by previous treatments.

I was diagnosed with prostatitis, infection caused by Staphilococcus aureus and Streptococcus beta haemolyticus, two very agresive bacteria, enlarged prostate nearing 40 cubic centimeters, a great number of calcifications, two fibrotic nodules and a cyst. I must also say that I have hiperparathyroidism that causes imbalance in calcium methabolism and some uricemia with some bereable arthritical symptoms that resolve in a couple of days.

I met with Dr. Song, acompanied by Dr. Ivan at the clinic. My case was presented to me and Dr. Song explained my condition, the treatment protocol that was initiated the same day. It consisted in 24 treatment sesions divided in four weeks. One treatment visit consisted in a previous interview considering symptoms, the presence of discomfort or pain and the general overall condition during the previous day and nigth. After every treatment some indications were also given.

As for the tratment itself it consisted in two daily inyections to the right and left lobes of the prostate gland, supported by palpation of the prostate by the doctor who knows into which areas the medication should be delivered with the use of extremely fine, large type needles. One should be totally relaxed, without any tension at all in the perineum muscles; except for the prick sensation in the puncture site, that lasts a fraction of a second, I usualy did not have pain at all and, in a couple of sessions when pain was present it was absolutely tolerable. I felt more discomfort with the palpation and prostate massage procedures that the inyections. During the treatment, Dr. Song usualy made some remarks regarding the evolution of the prostate size and texture. Also, prostatic fluid samples are taken and sediment of the day before urine to be tested at the clinic laboratory, to monitor the progress of the treatment.

I had the unique oportunity to discuss many medical topics with Dr. Song in an exchange of opinions and knowledge that opened my curiosity even further regarding many issues of prostatic pathology and its importance in the preservation of health regarding other organs and systems in the body. This experience of closeness with Dr. Song was very moving and enrichening, his gentelness and humble attitude, very rarely seen in doctors, are impresive. His knowledge is not confined to his specialty as it usualy happens with urologists that I have met, it is vast and profound and of course also in traditional chinese medicine, from were the medications used also are prepared.

All this meetings and discussions could not have been posible without Alisa, the clinic translator, an intelligent young girl that never stopped short of providing all the help needed.

The central concept that is absolutely ignored in the west by our doctors is that the prostate normal physiology is impaired usualy starting with infections and gradualy becomes "blocked", when not trated properly and other complications set in. Blocked means that the gland ducts become gradualy clogged by material from the infected areas: microbial, celular and tissue waste, the prevalence of multiple areas of infection embeded in calcium and amyloid tiny masses that in time reduces the functionality of the prostate, favoring chronic conditions, hipertrophy and eventualy cancer. This condition makes treatment with oral or parenteral antibiotics limited in their efficacy, the prostate circulation being also impaired by the massive inflammed, full of detritus areas that make it impossible to reach. The main focus in the west is to aleviate symptoms, favor a good urine flow, so attention is set in the use of alfa blockers to relax the muscles around the uretra close to the bladder and testosterone inhibitors to reduce the size of the gland. If this does not work, surgery is performed cutting away the gland tissue that is obstructing the uretra, but leaving residual sick and cogged glandular tissue that may grow again, give subclinical symptoms due to infection, hormonal imbalances, eventual cancer and complications like incontinence and impotence, among others. Dr. Song receives many patients previously treated by this methods.

The conceptual and practical aproach in the 3D prostatitis clinic is to start by simultaneously attacking the infecting agents with selective antibiotics and delivering medication to soften, disolve and expell, not only the toxic waste, calcium, amyloid and other materials but also what is known as the "biofilm". If necesary, the patient also undergoes sessions of intravenous infussion if they also are infected by systemic viruses. During the weeks of treatment this waste material is discharged continuosly and can be observed as long filaments that are the casts of the glandular channels being cleared, mucoid particles, white urate particles and always clouds of calcium floating or sedimented in the urine samples. Part of the medication is aimed to destroy the biofilm.

The biofilm research in clinical infectology is relatively recent and started to atract attention on the turn of the century but it has been confined to investigation areas or its application directed to clean the environment in hospitals and other activities. Biofilm are part of nature and are important in preserving the ecology of systems. But in the human body they cause havoc by acute and chronic recurent antibiotic resistant infections. Biofilm is produced by bacteria in order to colonize, they stick to it and by the film itself they comunicate by chemical and molecular signals to promote growth and prevail; the film facilitates the interchange of genes so that microorganisms may have different defense mechanisms and it also covers the bacteria and makes then antibiotic resistant. If biofilm is not destroyed, infection will continue. In the prostate, biofilm is prevalent. No urologist in the west considers biofilm, they do not pay attention to calcifications as elements with biofilm and bacteria embeded in them. In china great interest exists in biofilm research and in scientific published reports chinese scientists are common authors.

During the last session of my tratment, the prostate had reduced its size in 90% in the right lobe and about 80% plus in the left lobe, that has further shrinked after returning home, symptoms have disapeared, general energy is excelent, sleep is deep, relaxed and prolonged. Calcium and detritus are still expelled after one week and it will continue for some two or three weeks later, as Dr. Song advised. Also, we built a protocol of herbs, nutraceutics and probiotics to enhance the total recovery that is to happen in as much as six monthas after the treatment. The prostate must repair its tissues, heal and recover its normal functions.

This comment can not end here. Another facet to be considered is the mental state and personal attitude if traveling to China to 3D prostatitis clinic. For many patients in need of this treatment anxiety is a normal issue, not only for the treatment itself but the experience of travelling to inland China, not knowing the language and local cultural customs. There may be a tendency to isolate and become confined to the hotel were one is staying, only leaving every day, usualy by taxi, to receive the daily treatment at the clinic, so that the entire stay experience become boring and difficult. I can only narrate my own experience, leaving for each one, their best way to be as well as possible during their stay.

Before leaving, I read about Changsha and Xiangtan in Hunan province. Changsha has over six and a half million people and Xiangtan two and a half including conurbated areas. Also Xiangtan is considered one of the best ten China cities with best quality of life. My proclivity to serenity inclined me to consider Xiangtan the best choice. Then, I decided to reserve in the Paragon 5 star hotel and Mrs Belinda Fu from the clinic reserved and got me a superb price for a prolonged stay. The Hotel is six kilometers away from the clinic. Another hotel is the MGM much closer but without the beautifull gardens and quiet sorroundings of the Paragon. I studied the city map, learned the name of the streets, studied the bus stops and devouted some time to the chinese alphabet, tones, pronunciation and key words and sentences to get around. Once in Xiangtan, Alisa spent some hours after the treatment session walking with me and giving me instructions to get around. This young lady is a great asset a cheerfull person to be with. With her we also made a trip to Shaoshan, about 40 kilometers away, Mao Zedong home town, with a spectacular museum devoted to him. Alisa was a wonderfull companion that has a special place in my heart. During my stay I never took a taxi, exept when leaving back to Changsha airport. I moved around in city buses, I studied the various routes and adventured in some of them back and forth. The bus system is superb, very efficient and on time and low cost. I also walked between four and six kilometers a day, exploring the city, its streets, alleys, shops and above all just feeling the nearnes of its people. Xiangtan also has two wonderfull city parks, Yuju just a 15 minute walk from the clinic and Hu Xiang about a ten minute walk from the Paragon Hotel. At Yuju park I spent delightfull afternoons, strolling around its lake or reading in one of its pavillions and at Hu Xiang that occupies 13,000 square meters and has also a beautifull lake invites to relax, walk in its numerous paths or just sit and admire the lotus flowers blossom. It is also an oportunity to catch up on studying, reading learning about China's history and enjoying so much free time. And in this technological age one can be in touch with loved ones, family, friends with calls through the internet. So at the end I left China with a slight nostalgic feeling of belonging to the great human family.
I must end saying that I said farewell to Dr. Song, with great admiration for his knowledge, expertise, warm and kind personal relation, me as his patient ever gratefull. To be cured and recover the much needed quality of life at my age has no price.

Thank you Dr. Song from the deepest part of my heart. And also thank you Alisa for your patience, kindness and presence that contributed so much during my treatment and to enjoy my stay in Xiangtan.

Jaime Alexis Arroyo Bornstein M.D.
Mexico City.


Mr. G living in Bangkok

 My Name is George El Enein , Known , as Mr. G , an American citizen living in Bangkok, Thailand since quite sometimes.

I have a family history of prostate cancer , both my father and grand father died of this condition as well as my elder brother who died from the same cause 3 years ago.

Since I knew that this is coming , I started almost 10 years ago educated my self about the all possible options , I have examined most of all new researches conducted in this field by subscribing to most of the sites and medical reports that discuss and publish any new BPH or prostate cancer treatment .

Early this year , My BpH ( enlarged prostate ) symptoms , hit , so , I went for a check up and ultrasound test that came back ( BPH ) positive with a volume of 37 in June 2015 .

Usually Urologists will give you a choice of 2 groups of medicine :

A). tamsulosin flomax. , that will only treat your symptoms without shrinking your prostate by enlarging your blood vessels to ease your frequent urination problem , the biggest side effect to this medication is ( retro-ejaculation ) if you can live with the headache for the first couple of weeks and your low blood pressure !
B) . Avodart Dutasteride , or any of other names in this group .

This medication will work in shrinking your prostate by blocking the male hormone Testerone from causing your BPH .

The worse choice you can make is taking this medication , unless you wish to live the rest of your life without any sexual activity .

Doctors will tell you , your libido will come back and your ED problem will disappear when you stop the medicine , but if you do your home work and do some moderate research on line , you will find out , ( it is not reservable ).

I have taken a couple of tablets of each to try and I stopped immediately after finding out my personal experience confirmed the result of research that I did on them .

As my symptoms increased , I went back for check up on Sept. 26th of this year , my BPH volume was up to 47 this time , And my doctor suggested to consider an operation to reduce the size of the enlarged prostate .
Knowing , all this in advance , like watching a movie I have seen before , I felt sorry for these doctors who graduate from medical schools and just work as a car mechanic just by the book ! , you go to any urologists and he will tell u the same thing .

Done my long and extensive research in the past , I knew that this is a dead end .

Not to mention , that part of my research was about the natural herbal and alternative medicine that is available out there , tried everything starting from saw palmetto to everything else , nothing worked !

That last resort I kept aside after reading all the testimonials and the explanations available , was Dr.Song 3 D clinic .

Deciding to go to Xiangtan , Hunan , china
I have to tell you , if you base your judgement on how it looks like or third party opinion , your decision may be 50/ 50 right or wrong .

But if you base your decision on logic and your research , then you will be able to make an educated and well informed decision , it will all make sense , not only that but it will make a very strong and convincing sense .

Not to mention that I have found out later on , even , after I have been there and started my treatment , that Dr, Song Theory is shared by other researchers in the US and China , even though their technique may be different but the base theory is the same

See * (1)
The Theory
First of all , you don’t need to be a professional medical practitioner to understand this logic :
1- every sickness has a cause and when you hear the word ( unknown cause ) you know right away it’s either medical science hasn’t reach there yet , or it did but the cause is not made public for other reasons.

Even Diabetes , cancer and ulcers , all have cause and without treating the cause and only treating the symptoms , you are doing nothing but just wasting your money before you may really waist your life as well .

2-According to western medicine , BPH is one of those ( unknown cause ) medical conditions , they even call it : ( men’s menopause ) it’s final and has to be accepted as a natural evolution of age , BS !!! , excuse my language .

3- The theory is simple : treat the cause , you cure the disease .

This is not a theory introduced only by Dr.Song , but rather a theory shared among other specialized researchers and even specifically in the field of Prostatitis , BPH and prostate cancer , please refer to my reference below * (1)

The Practice : Dr.Song Clinic

It took me less than a week to make a decision to visit Dr. Song , again this was because of the absolute logic that made absolute sense to me based on my previous research and studies , to be honest , I knew , it’s a kind of risk to take , to experiment with a new treatment , but I knew at the same time that this is the best option anyway , what I have got to loose , when based on my Dr.advice , I got to loose it all , any way ?

Picked up from Changsha airport by the wonderful administrative assistant and translator of Dr.Song ; Jenny and Alisa , went straight to the hotel as an early schedule of full complete check up and Ultrasound prostate exam was due the next morning .

The same day arriving at Xiangtan 3 D clinic , had the first consultation with Dr. song , and the first impression based on my previous history was BPH , however , an accurate test preformed By DR.Song revealed the presence of Ureaplasma and Mycoplasma infection .
Important to mention that I had in the past few months severe frequent urination by day as well as by night .
In the second day , the tests came from the Changsha university hospital that indicated that some viruses were positive and the prostate ultrasound indicated presence of severe calcification in the prostate as well as BPH , enlarged prostate with an estimated volume of 47 .

Immediately based on the tests and the examination of Dr.Song , The plan of the treatment was prepared as follow :

1- follow 2 weeks of IV treatment to destroy the EPR of the viruses that was tested positive and improve the immunity .

2- start daily local injection to treat the infection first and eliminate the presence of the Ureaplasma.

3 - during this 2 weeks of treatment , testing the prostate fluids was made to insure the progress of the treatment , and at the end of the 2 weeks , the test was negative .

By the end of the 2 weeks , my day frequent urination problem was almost gone to the point that it felt that I I have forgotten how life used to be easy years ago ?
Unfortunately , I had to leave for business and come back two weeks later to complete my course of treatment plan by Dr.Song .

Nov. 5th Back again , starting :

1- local injection targeting dissolving the calcification and also treating The BPH .

Today Nov. 13 th , the discharge of the calcification started to show up in urine since yesterday ,
My Night frequent urination problem was reduced to 50 % , while my day frequent urination problem , I have already forgotten about !

In my Last exam , My prostate volume size was almost down from 47 to 35 in just a matter of less than a month .

As of today , I’m still following my treatment of local injection , but I believe , I’m on the right track and I’m almost positive that the cure is not impossible .

Any one who wishes to follow up my case , I’m willing to help , share my personal experience or advice ,
I’m not associated in any shape or form with Dr.Song , I’m simply a patient who followed his guts and I’m glad that I did. My email is ciaogalal@hotmail.com 

My advice to you

1- Do your home work. Before you follow your urologist recommendations.

2- regardless of your condition , Prostatitis or , BPH , the best thing you could ever do to your self is to get treated by Dr. song .

3- don’t wait until is too late , don’t go through surgery or take harmful oral drugs that will ruin your life , and for sure don’t give up and accept your condition because , you have been told : ( all men in your age have it ) , Again ... BS.

About Dr. Song clinic

1- if you come , from where I come from , your first impression when you come in , is :
( that can’t be serious ) !!!!! , a clinic without many patient waiting or a group of nurses , even though it is very clean , modern , professional , but looks like no business , the western impressive expensive image is not there !

Yes, this is what we call ; (( quality not quantity ))
Patient by appointment only , one at the time , where you spend 15 to 20 minutes daily with your doctor to evaluate your condition , and the progress of your case before starting the treatment .

Dr. Song , don’t treat his patients by the book , like urologists do ,he rather creat a book for each single patient of his .

2- it’s very important to mention Dr. Ivan , Who assist Dr. Song and who possess a great knowledge of his field as well , Dr. Ivan Speaks English and has a great experience in evaluating and treating as well .
The time he spends with patients to follow up their treatment on daily basis , will cost you a fortune if you find a urologist that will do the same in The US. For example .

3- Dr. Song and Dr. ivan both share the passion for their profession , and Dr.Song is not a man that will easily give up , this is how medical practice was done in the old days , doctors treat patients , not rip them off , doctors give hopes not tell you ;( all men have it , you got to live with it ).

I’m glad I came here , and I hope you do it for own sake.

Mr. G

Treatment theory by other Researcher in USA .

During my ten years as a practicing pathologist I have seen numerous surgical specimens removed either for benign prostate hypertrophy or for prostate cancer. All of these specimens, without exception, revealed signs of infection. It is therefore not an unreasonable hypothesis that chronic prostatitis, prostate hypertrophy and prostate cancer represent a continuum of a disease process, and effective eradication of the infectious element should be pursued aggressively.

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Testimonial by Mohamed Alhaj on 25th April 2016

In my humble opinion, this clinic should be renamed Dr. Song Xinping Medical Center. A little known fact about Dr. Song and a pleasant surprise to me when I met him is that he is not only a specialist Urologist focused on prostate disease research, but also an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) specialist and a specialist Dermatologist with close to 30 years experience. Have no doubt, this is not traditional herbal medicine. His work is based on the sound principles, investigative tools and the latest drugs of modern medicine but with the Chinese traditional approach of seeing the body as a connected whole, not the sum of isolated parts. He is also involved in his own advanced research into the role of pathogens in prostate disease and the development of more effective targeted treatment techniques.

The health and drug industry all around the world has turned into a surgical and/or symptomatic relief profession. The argument is, if it can kill you then surgically remove it, but if it can't then live with it (and of course live with the medications). There is a problem with this approach, it unnecessarily degrades people's quality of life, erodes their savings & in case of infections create anti-biotic resistance. The oral and intravenous delivery of medication is often not effective alone. Many of the body's glands like the prostate have protective mechanisms and don't receive enough blood flow. This means that medication delivered through the blood stream alone often provide symptomatic relief, not treatment and recurrence is inevitable.

In my case, I am a 37 year old male who is otherwise fit and healthy. I do not smoke tobacco, drink alcohol or engage in sex outside of marriage. I have been performing routine medical checkups every 3 years throughout my life with no major health problems, the last of which was in 2012. In 2015, I was diagnosed with three serious illnesses within a few months of each other:

1. Chronic ENT infections with severe Sinusitis almost reaching the brain. Received oral anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory medications with partial effect.

2. Acute Appendicitis requiring emergency hospitalization. Received intravenous anti-biotic with partial effect, so a laparoscopic appendectomy was performed to surgically remove the appendix before it becomes life threatening.

3. Chronic but mild Prostatitis & Oligospermia. Received oral anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory medications with partial effect.

Standard modern medical practice sees these in isolation. To Dr. Song all these illnesses diagnosed are related. He correctly identified that my primary problem is unresolved chronic ENT infections that must be properly treated to prevent recurrence or cause other secondary complications. After rigorous investigation using the best in imaging technology and advanced testing, his analysis was as follows:

1. Primary infections of the paranasal sinuses caused a secondary infection of the pituitary gland that caused Oligospermia. This was confirmed by CT image of the paranasal sinuses, MRI image of the pituitary gland, low sperm count in the seminal fluid test, high level of Luteinizing Hormone in the blood test, high level of WBC in the blood test and low level of lymphocytes in the blood test.

2. Primary infections of both inner ears & tonsils caused a secondary infection of the epididymis followed by a secondary infection of the prostate by the same pathogens. From his research all prostate disease is caused by pathogens and this is one of 4 mechanisms pathogens spread to the prostate. This was confirmed by Ultrasound image of the epididymis and the prostate,

digital rectal examination of the prostate, presence of 2 types of common bacteria in bodily fluid tests (salivary fluid, seminal fluid & prostatic fluid), presence of 5 types of common viruses in the blood test, high level of TPSA in the blood test, high level of WBC in the blood test and low level of lymphocytes in the blood test.

With this information he formulated a treatment plan tailored for my specific condition, not the standard medical approach of surgery or fit for all symptomatic relief:

1. Anti-viral & Anti-biotic treatment for 20 days delivered by intravenous injection of medication into the blood stream. This is to suppress/eliminate pathogens that may be circulating around the body.

2. ENT treatment for 13 days delivered by direct local injection of medication into the paranasal sinuses and tonsils in addition to nasal and ear drops (all of which do not receive enough blood flow). This is a safe targeted treatment technique developed from his research.

3. Epididymis & Prostate treatment for 30 days delivered by direct local injection of medication into the epididymis (which does not receive enough blood flow) through the groin area and into the prostate (which also does not receive enough blood flow) through the perennial area, not the rectum. This is a safe targeted treatment technique developed from his research.

I should also add that as a specialist Dermatologist, and with the same targeted treatment approach, he healed my scars from the appendectomy with only 2 direct local injections. Any other Dermatologist would have either cut me, gave me a useless cream for months or told me to live with it.

Throughout the treatment period and after it was completed, selected tests were repeated that determined the progress and effectiveness of the treatment. To make sure there is no recurrence, a followup visit was recommended after 6 months to repeat all images and tests.

In conclusion, the "3D Prostate Targeted Treatment" in the name of the clinic stands for "Determination" of the causes, "Direct" injection of medication & "Deblocking"'of the prostate. This has been my experience and I would add a 4th one ... "Dedication".

Mohamed Alhaj

Khumujam Hooter from India

 Hello Everyone, My name is Khumujam Hooter. I am from Manipur, North Eastern side of India. I am suffering from Prostatitis and calcification in Prostate. My symptoms started in the early 2007. I tried to find out what exactly my problem is by doing all kind of tests in best hospitals in India like Apollo Hospital Delhi, Max Hospital Delhi, AIIMS Delhi etc. Result was all normal. I was not satisfied with the result as I still have the symptoms and was not comfortable with my lower abdomen area and testicle area. Finally I was diagnosed with Prostatitis in the year 2009 when I repeated my test in Apollo Hospital Delhi. As my symptoms were not severe and not frequent so I ignore it after taking IV for 2 days at Apollo Hospital Delhi.

Luckily I got a chance to visit 3D Clinic in Xiangtan, Hunan Province, China as my elder brother has a chronic prostate problem. My elder brother decided to visit 3D Clinic to consult Dr.Song as he was diagnosed with BPH, Prostatitis and Calcification in Prostate. So we fly to China on 7th October, 2015 and started my elder brother treatment on 10th October, 2015. Mine was done by Dr.Ivan assistant to Dr.Song equally professional and skilled. I was given 25days of local injections directly to Prostate and simultaneously undergone IV treatment of 15days. I was surprise to know that the local injection which was given directly to Prostate by Dr.Ivan was not at all painful. Amazing skill. Wow. After 15days of local injection to be precise I could see with my naked eyes that many particles are coming out in my urine. Great. I was very happy. I feel really bless. I was so happy that I decided to accompany my elder brother and sister in law and decided to do the treatment for myself as well. Dr.Ivan has an amazing skill. All my mild symptoms which I used to feel is almost gone.

Now I am really very happy and I would appeal to everyone who has a Prostate problem should visit 3D Clinic, Xiangtan or Changsha and you will never regret your decision. I can assure you. By the way I was like a family member to Clinic and was not feeling to return home as I was emotionally attached to everyone as the environment was very good. Dr.Ivan and Dr.Song are very good, caring and friendly. Mrs. Belinda Fu also help me a lot before coming to China. Miss Jenny Chan who is a receptionist cum nurse in clinic help me a lot in everything including online shopping too 😀😀😀 and lastly I would like to specially thank Miss. Alisa Wang who is a English translator. She help my family in every small small things to everything we require and also accompany us in exploring tourist places in China as we have communication gap with local people. We really enjoy the visit to China. It was like a vacation kind of trip. We almost forgot that we came for medical treatment.



Khumujam Hooter
Age: 36 years

Email: khumujamhooter@icloud.com, khumujamhooter@gmail.com

Dated: 21st December, 2015.

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A latest story happened in the clinic

Notes: This is a latest story happened in the clinic. Mr. S has suffered from prostatitis for many years, experienced past treatment failures, and had severe side-effects caused by medications. Mr. S entrusted his relative who has studied in China to pay a visit to the Changsha 3D Clinic. Without encountering any constraint, his relative got the treatment progresses of the patients who were receiving the treatment. The patients all offered replies expressing their satisfaction with the treatment to his relative. Mr. C, a warm-hearted patient of our clinic, offered his E-mails. At last, Mr. S chose to the Xiangtan 3D Clinic to receive the treatment from Dr. Song. After the overall examinations, his condition was found very complex. At present, he gets a rather good treatment effect and voluntarily recommends our clinic to his friends.
Based on the principle of preserving the patients’ privacy, our clinic cannot disclose any personal information of the patient. We appreciate his trust that he has offered this information to us.


The e-mail Mr. S sent to Mr. C:

Hello. Hope you are fine. I am the uncle of the lady you spoke to about the 3d Prostatitis treatment in Changsha. I was diagnosed with a case of prostatitis for years and sought for several treatment options without success until I discovered the 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment by Dr. Song on the internet.
Please I require first hand information about the injection procedure, which organ is injected and the side effects if any. Also, Please detail me about the entire treatment.
Thank you. Awaiting your response urgently.

Reply from Mr. C:

Dr. Song, Belinda and Dr. Lee and the in-house microbiologist have extensive experience in the Genitourinary System thereby allowing them to figure-out the cause or causes of Prostatitis and related diseases. My prostate is 95% back to normal as of today along with cessation of my secondary symptoms (CPPS, etc.).

Belinda is why i decided to give the clinic a try after careful evaluation of clinics around the world. She answered over 200 emails concisely without delay and in a compassionate manner, she's fully aware of the anxiety precipitated by the illness.

After meeting Dr. Song and undergoing a comprehensive evaluation and reviewing the clinic, I made up my mind to carry through with the entire treatment protocol.

Dr. song is a humble and compassionate man and he is willing to listen to your symptoms and answer any question you may have with compassion for your situation

Nonetheless, he's an expert at what he does and I let him do his thing without second-guessing him; however, I gave them input along the way, regard to my daily symptoms, as to help them help me.

As for as the protocol, each person is different and this is based on your examination. The procedure is basically painless in my experience.

Dr. Song and Dr. Lee are very caring and compassionate people and they are excellent in their technique. Most days I didn't feel any pain at all what a days that I did feel pain it was negligible; i.e., The level of 1 to 10, The pain level was 2.

Just as important, Dr. song's approach is conservative in that he does not want to administer modalities that may not be necessary. This treatment protocol along away may change specific to one as disease, as there are many causes of prostatitis and secondary any symptoms are unique to each individual.

He will base it on his daily observations.

So far, I'm returning home about 95% symptom-free. I can sit without any discomfort at all I can walk with no discomfort and my other symptoms are about 95% gone. No it's up to me to follow their instructions regarding lifestyle, exercise diet etc.

Best wishes to you and I hope this information helps out.

August 30th 2015 - Update from Mr. C

Hi Belinda,

I hope that you and your family are doing well. Please say hello to Dr. song and Dr. Lee and give them my many thanks for my recovery.

I'm 100% better and I keep my fingers crossed.

I feel like myself again.If it wasn't for 3-D clinic I may not be healthy again.

I was in a Chinese restaurant two weeks ago here in Pittsburgh where I live and I asked for chopsticks and the girl said to me where did you learn to use chopsticks and I said in China she said where at in China I said CHANGSHA. She said that's my hometown. It's a small world isn't it.

The final update from the 3D prostate clinic:

After received 40 days of 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment with Dr. song, Mr. C and Mr. S, two of them are cured, and back to health.

Mike (Ph.D.) from USA

Testimonial for the Best Prostate Clinic in the World

October, 2012, I just completed a 40 days of 3D Prostatitis Treatment on my minor prostate enlargement and calcification at The 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment Clinic in Changsha China. Dr. Song has fundamentally restored the health of my prostate. I am delighted and joyful. Without Dr. Song, the rest of my life could be in doubt. The following is my testimonial on The 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment Clinic:

1) Urology in U.S.A. vs. the Best in the World. Likely most people would assume urology in U.S.A. is superior to other countries. However, it is not true. My U.S.A. urologist, trained at Harvard with honorary letters posted on his wall and having many old and sick patients in his clinic, is supposedly one of the best in the world. However, essentially he did not know how to treat my problem and potentially could mess up my health. Although, he left the calcification alone or he suggested surgery if it became painful. For enlargement, he prescribed antibiotics and Flowmax taken orally for many weeks and asked me to go back to see him every two weeks. On the 3rd or 4th visit, he told my problem would be very hard to treat. I may need to take Flowmax for my whole life. He was preparing me for a long struggle. From the internet I knew it is useless for prostate to long courses medications for years. It could fundamentally damage up my health. Further, I did not have a urinary flow problem so Flowmax made no sense to me. Why did he ask me to take Flowmax for? I believe he practiced incompetent and careless medicine at the expenses of my health and for the money. Thus, I fired him and threw away his prescriptions.

Fortunately I found The 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment Clinic’s website and contacted his staff to inquire about my problem. To Dr. Song, it seemed to me, my prostate problem a piece of cake for him to solve. His 3D technology can even cure the patients with much more complicated prostatitis,enlarged prostate,and calcification. See other testimonials. Understandably, the more complicated the cases are the more time it takes for treatment. But this is no nonsense treatment.

I do not have any reservation to join these other patients from all over the world and rate The 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment Clinic as the best in the world. Based on my awareness, a high hygiene standard was maintained in his practice and throughout his clinic. Thus, I took his treatment easily. Dr. Song please keep it up! A lot of men need to your help. You have made a great contribution to human beings.

2) Results of 3D Prostate Treatment beyond my expectation:

a. The culprit of my whole problem, a bacterial germ, Staphylococcus aureus, in the prostate was first identified and evidently killed in the first three weeks of 3D Prostatitis Treatment.

b. Calcification being removed. As evidenced in my urine samples and by ultrasound examination. Initially, the ultrasound showed there were several condensed spots, but after a 40 day treatment, it was down to only 2 loose spots. Now after I am back in U.S.A., the de-calcification is still continuing. I hope the de-calcification can be complete. I’ll confirm it by ultrasound examination later.

c. Enlarged prostate shrinking in size: Based on the ultrasound, the clinic’s testing, and my own feeling, the size of my prostate has shrunk substantially and the prostate has became much softer. Once the inflammation and the calcification were gone and the tissue is recovered, the size returned close to normal range.

d. A potentially toxic and dangerous Coxsackie virus was found in my blood and evidently killed during Dr. Song’s treatment.

e. Dr. Song related to me that after the above 3D Prostate Treatment, the sleeping quality, energy level, sex life, infertility, and the general heath of his patients can substantially be improved. I have started to enjoy some of these benefits. It is an unexpected way to improve the quality of life.

f. Dr. Song suggested I take probiotic because of my previous use of oral antibiotics. It makes sense. It was not prescribed to me or not known to my U.S.A. urologist.

3) Reasons why I urgently went to China to treat my prostate even without serious symptoms:

a. I knew either inflammation and/or calcification are the warm beds for cancer to start.

b. Further, the above could become an acute symptom without warning which is extremely painful and dangerous, an emergency treatment being required, as happened to a senior legislator I knew in Taiwan during his trip to Moscow. Although he was not killed, he suffered extremely. A similar situation happened to me before. It was extremely awful!

4) Reference for fellow patients colleagues

a. In my opinion, any patient having the following problems should go to see Dr. Song as soon as possible. Don’t be fooled by other urologists, waste time taking oral orally antibiotics and/or Flowmax, and further damage your health. It could ruin your prostate, health, and your life.

b. Those suffering from prostatitis, enlarged prostate, and/or calcification, even without symptoms, should seek 3D Prostatitis Treatment as soon as possible.

c. Unsuccessfully or mistreatment by urologists, including those requiring to carry a urine bag all the time should seek 3D Prostate Treatment as soon as possible.

d. Those suffering from infertility or impotency should seek 3D Prostatitis Treatment as soon as possible.

e. Those suffering from any condition listed on 3D clinic’s website should seek 3D Prostate  Treatment as soon as possible.

My recommendation is based on my personal experience and my confirmation that Dr. Song is a true expert and his 3D Prostatitis  Treatment is superior.

Life is good!

I am glad I made a right choice; or I would be in a miserable state by now.

Mike (Ph.D.) USA

Investigator of fundamental health, longevity and cancers

November  2012 - Update

This is the conclusion of my 3D prostatitis, enlarged prostate,and calcification treatment at The 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment Clinic. On November 8, 2012, I had my final examination by another urologist at a prestigious university associated hospital in Taiwan. The urologist concluded my BHP and calcification were "insignificantly" different from the normal. Thus, my 40 day 3D Prostate Treatment was totally successful. My results are outlined below:

Prostatitis: gone

BHP: gone

Calcification: gone

Coxsackie virus in my blood stream: gone

Unexpected fringing benefits: 

 a. The cause of my early awakening problem: gone

 b. Daily energy level: substantially lifted

Dr. Song treats the causes of prostatitis,enlarged prostate, and calcification. This is why his treatment is so effective. However, the urologists in the USA or in most parts of the world are trained to just use drugs to treat symptoms. Actually, many just essentially sell drugs making the disease more complicated and untreatable, turning patients into their cash cows.

These potentially life threatening or troublesome problems were easily treated by The 3D Prostate Treatment. The 3D Prostate Treatment  did not just mask my symptoms like other treatments, it really cured me.

Mike (Ph.D.) USA

December 2013 - Update

In December, 2013, I went back to see my Harvard trained urologist, although I fired him about 2 or 3 years back, for a re-check up one year after your prostate 3-D treatment. The results below indicate your 3-D treatment is an effective, clean-cut and most satisfying medical treatment I ever had, Just by 80 shots, it 180-degree turns the fate of my urological system or even the quality of my life from potentially disaster into LG ("Life is good."):

1. Stone or calcification: None or insignificant(*)

2. Prostatitis: None. (**)

3. BPH: None

4. PSA: 0.7 unit.

5. Digital examination: almost no feeling vs. painful before, indicating Softness vs. Hardness of prostate.

Before the checkup, he re-stated that calcification can only grow bigger and more serious and the prostatitis and BPH were very hard to be treated. But after the examination, he could only point out to me one tiny shining point as the indication of calcification. But it did not show up in the rest of four other repeated ultrasound pictures. I knew he did not like to eat crow and I let him free.

One of my friends was killed due to the disturbance of urination during the night of Sandy Storm disrupting all the available help, 2012, indicating it can kill.


Mike C, Ph.D.

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